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Pizza Moretti

Pizza Moretti website

Technologies used: Drupal 7, PHP 5
Small website for a neighbourhood pizzeria. Main challenge was to provide 1+1 deals to customers using Ubercart 7.x. 3.1 just as they removed the hook hook_uc_cart_item. The solution I opted for was to create free products on the fly and add them to the cart whenever 1+1 rules applied. This also involved creating a new admin interface where all free products were hidden from view.
Drupal modules used:  admin_menu, admin_menu_toolbar, ctools, image_resize_filter, metatag, default_menu_link, entity, entity_token, fblikebutton, insert, locationmap, module_filter, pathauto, search404, seochecklist, token, rules, page_title, honeypot, uc_cart, uc_order, uc_product, uc_store, uc_catalog, uc_attribute, uc_reports, switchtheme, wysiwyg, views, views_bulk_operations, visitors, xmlsitemap, xmlsitemap_engines, xmlsitemap_node