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Client not disclosed

Client cannot be disclosed as by NDA


This projects target was to move an organisations site to Drupal, so that the client could benefit from all the benefits Drupal has to offer(community building, role management for users , workflow management for the editors) as well as maintain the legacy discussion forum from the old site.


Technologies used: Drupal 6, PHP5, JavaScript/JQuery/Ajax, XML-RPC, ApacheSolr, GIT, PHPBBForum
Drupal modules used: Admin, Admin_menu, Admin_theme, ApacheSolr, ApacheSolr_Autocomplete, BackUp_Migrate, Better_Formats, CCK, Content_Taxonomy, CoreSearches, Ctools, Date, Deploy, Devel, Devel_themer, EmField, FileField, Fivestar, Footnotes, Hierarchical_Select, Image_API, Image_Cache, Image_Field, IMCE, IMCE_WYSIWYG, JQuery_UI, Link, ModalFrame, NodeHierarchy, Nodereferrer, NodeRelationships, Pathauto, Patterns, PHPBBForum, Services, TableOfContents, Taxonomy_Context, Taxonomy_Menu, Taxonomy_Super_Select, TinyMCE_Node_Picker, Token, Vertical_Tabs, Views, VotingAPI, WorkFlow, Wysiwyg, Wysiwyg_Filter