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About Me

Well rounded Drupal developer activating mainly in the London(UK) area with roughly 4 years Drupal experience, having been involved in the community since Drupal 5. Having acquired experience by working in small teams and big teams alike and technologies as apart as Ubercart or ApacheSolr I feel comfortable taking on all parts of Drupal development from module development to theme development with the same ease.


Other Key Technical Skills
Programming languages
Drupal CMS
Servers: Apache, Tomcat
Code versioning: CVS, SVN
RDBMS: MySql, MS SQL, Oracle
Professional Experience
Custom Template CVs
Drupal 7 Developer
July 2012-July 2012 (just a couple of days really)
Technologies used: Drupal 7, PHP 5
One page resume website for my sister and brother-in-law. The challenge here was to integrate a given custom css template on a single node page while also allowing the node to be wysiwyg edited.
Drupal modules used: admin_devel, admin_menu, admin_menu_toolbar, zenophile, tbr, wysiwyg
Pizza Moretti
Drupal 7 Developer
June 2012-June 2012
Technologies used: Drupal 7, PHP 5
Small website for a neighbourhood pizzeria. Main challenge was to provide 1+1 deals to customers using Ubercart 7.x. 3.1 just as they removed the hook hook_uc_cart_item. The solution I opted for was to create free products on the fly and add them to the cart whenever 1+1 rules applied. This also involved creating a new admin interface where all free products were hidden from view.
Drupal modules used:  admin_menu, admin_menu_toolbar, ctools, image_resize_filter, metatag, default_menu_link, entity, entity_token, fblikebutton, insert, locationmap, module_filter, pathauto, search404, seochecklist, token, rules, page_title, honeypot, uc_cart, uc_order, uc_product, uc_store, uc_catalog, uc_attribute, uc_reports, switchtheme, wysiwyg, views, views_bulk_operations, visitors, xmlsitemap, xmlsitemap_engines, xmlsitemap_node
PACKT Publishing
Technical Reviewer
January 2011-July 2011
Reviewing the book Drupal 7 Field/CCK Beginner’s Guide and providing valuable feedback as each chapter of the book got written.


Client not disclosed*
Drupal 6 Developer
March 2010- August 2010
Technologies used: Drupal 6, PHP5, JavaScript/JQuery/Ajax, XML-RPC, ApacheSolr, GIT, PHPBBForum
This projects target was to move an organisations site to Drupal, so that the client could benefit from all the benefits Drupal has to offer(community building, role management for users , workflow management for the editors) as well as maintain the legacy discussion forum from the old site.
As the editors needed a “Content Pot” where they could enter content while development on the site continued, extensive development was done to extend the Deployment module so it could deploy users and unusual unsupported fields like content taxonomy terms, date fields with a specific widget, and node hierarchy fields.
Drupal modules used: Admin, Admin_menu, Admin_theme, ApacheSolr, ApacheSolr_Autocomplete, BackUp_Migrate, Better_Formats, CCK, Content_Taxonomy, CoreSearches, Ctools, Date, Deploy, Devel, Devel_themer, EmField, FileField, Fivestar, Footnotes, Hierarchical_Select, Image_API, Image_Cache, Image_Field, IMCE, IMCE_WYSIWYG, JQuery_UI, Link, ModalFrame, NodeHierarchy, Nodereferrer, NodeRelationships, Pathauto, Patterns, PHPBBForum, Services, TableOfContents, Taxonomy_Context, Taxonomy_Menu, Taxonomy_Super_Select, TinyMCE_Node_Picker, Token, Vertical_Tabs, Views, VotingAPI, WorkFlow, Wysiwyg, Wysiwyg_Filter
Client not disclosed* -Remote and on site
Drupal 6 Developer
December 2009- February 2010
Technologies used: Drupal 6, PHP5, JavaScript/JQuery/Ajax, XML-RPC
The job required migrating an existing site over to Drupal, module development, developing a custom theme. The purpose of the site was to promote learning as a tool for improving one’s life, much like The website promotes learning activities by letting activity organisers post their listing online for anyone interested to join. They also give recognition to those who have transformed their lives through learning by awarding them a winners page on their website.
Drupal modules used: AdminMenu, AdminRole, BackUpMigrate, BetterFormats, CCK_Redirection, Context, Context_C_Tools_Override_Integration, CTools, Email, FileField, ImageAPI, ImageCache, ImageField, Views, Insert_View, JQuery_UI, Link, Menu_BreadCrumb, Migration_helper, ModalFrame, NodeBlock, NodeRelationships, SWFTools, Ubercart, WorkFlow, Trigger, WorkFlowAccess
Various Remote Clients
Drupal 6 Developer:
October 2009- December 2009
Offering best practices advice and implementation consultancy services.
Institute of Historical Research - Remote
September 2009 – October 2009
Drupal 6 Developer
The purpose of the task I was asked to accomplish was to provide ImageFiled functionality to FileField module the Drupal way and with as little code as possible (inline image preview, option to set imagecache presets for preview as well as display). This required intricate knowledge the Content (CCK) module.
Technologies used: Drupal 6, PHP5, JavaScript/JQuery
Drupal modules used: CCK, FileField, ImageField
Client not disclosed* - London
February 2009 - July 2009
Drupal 6 Developer
The purpose of this website is to present “Day Out” experiences to the public.
As the main developer for this Drupal site I got even more intimately accustomed to the Drupal CMS. This project involved a lot of integration work with other systems (apachesolr, alfresco and the booking system) alongside module development and custom theming.
Technologies used: Drupal 6, Php5, JavaScript/JQuery, XML-RPC, Gmaps, Geo-IP locating
Drupal modules used: Admin_Menu, ApacheSorl, ApacheSolr, CCK, Coder, Content_Taxonomy, CoreSearches, Devel, FileField,  FormFilter, GlobalRedirect, GmapEZ, Image, ImageAPI, ImageCache, ImageField, Module_Filter, NodeBlock, Pathauto, Poormanscron, Taxonomy_ForeceAll, Token, Views, ViewReference, ViewsSlideshow
*client name may not be disclosed as per contract dispositions
Various Freelance Clients
January 2009- February 2009
Drupal 6 Development and Maintenance. Bug fixing, functionality additions and maintenance for various remote clients.
Electric World - London
July 2008-October 2008
PHP (Drupal) and Java Developer
This project assumed building the Drupal modules to collect and encrypt and securely store sensitive data on the web front and providing the means to decrypt the data remotely using a Java environment on the back end. This provided me with intimate knowledge of the inner workings of Drupal’s Form Api.
Technologies used: Drupal, Php5, JavaScript/JQuery, XML, webservices, asymmetric encryption libraries, Java stored procedures.
RDBMS used: MySql, Oracle
Drupal modules used: Admin_Menu, Cache_Exclude, Countries_API, Forms API
Global Marketing Software - London
December 2007- June 2008
Position 1: Technical Lead and PHP(Drupal) Developer
As the Technical Lead for the team I played a key role in adjusting the plan and leading the implementation of the project. Major challenges were assuring proper integration with the legacy reservation system and implementing a system that will scale to the expanding needs of the specific business. Other challenges were adjusting the layouts to accommodate for content translation and localization, query optimisation.
Drupal modules used: ACL, AutoLogout, CacheExclude, CCK, Content_access, Devel FCKEditor, ImageField, Localizer, Node_Find_Replace, Weight
Position 2:Release Manager
I played the role of Release Manager for this INTEL project. It was a role which I hold briefly which involved project builds, project deployments and tagging releases. Technologies used: Tomcat, SVN
Drupal experience acquired: internationalization, localization, custom module development, custom theme development
Technologies used: PHP, Drupal, SOAP, XML, CSS, SVN, AJAX, JavaScript/JQuery.
RDBMS used: MySql
SoftStone Software (Romania)
2006-2007 (SoftStoneSoftware
C# Developer
I was responsible for developing media components for a complex news broadcast production system. Technologies used: C#, MS SQL SERVER, VISUAL STUDIO and other Microsoft Technologies.
Artsoft Consult (Romania)
Triactive Systems Management
I was responsible for developing and debugging of the web front-end for this large, complex web based management application.
Technologies used: XML, JavaServer Pages, including Custom TagLibs, STRUTS, Tomcat, CVS, ANT, CSS, JavaScript/Prototype
RDBMS used: SQL Server

Adhoc Freelance Work

As a freelance developer (through Rent-A-Coder) I worked in a number of very fast paced, results oriented projects. My customer satisfaction over 3 years of development was 100% which allowed me to be ranked higher that 96.89 % of my peers). You can verify my profile online at RentACoder website(currently VWorker), my ID being PDan.
All of my RentACoder projects that required a RDBMS have MySql as RDBMS.
Other technologies used: PHP, JAVA, JSP, JavaScript
Personal Projects
MyDrupalWork(Drupal 6 website)
Website showcasing my Drupal work.
DrupalMashUp(Drupal 6 website)
This site comes to the aid of experienced Drupal developers who have discovered that they rely on much the same collection of modules for a particular type of site. Once you've mashed up your collection you can view the generated drush commands and/or download the (UNIX shell) script.
Matepoka(Drupal 6 website)                
This is a system built for highschool teachers to be able to efficiently manage announcements and file availability to their students.
Also please view my (Flash/ActionScript) MillionDollarHomePage like website at:
I hold a BSc in Electrical Engineering (Computer Science and Process Control) from the Technical University of Cluj Napoca.
I’m fluent in English and Romanian (native language). My hobbies are reading, chess and football.


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